Help for Individuals

The “disaster” most familiar to us is the one that happens to an individual or family.  An accident, illness, job loss – many things can happen that create a crisis.  I Love my Island, Inc., with the support of its donors, has been able to help thousands of individuals and families in times of need.

Recently, a kitchen fire left a family without dishes, utensils or cookware,  A young man had scheduled an interview for a job and had no appropriate clothes to wear.  A mother of 3 was being treated for cancer and had to quit her job; she needed blankets for her kids. A young couple lost their infant’s furniture due to flooding in their apartment.  A grandmother was suddenly called upon to take in her 3 grandchildren who arrived with no clothes or beds.

These are the disasters we see every week.

Thankfully, due to your generous donations, I Love my Island, Inc. was able to help.  We were able to provide dishes, pots and pans; clothing, clothing and items for an infant, furniture, a gas card and an outfit appropriate for an interview (he got the job!)

I Love My Island, Inc., in collaboration with our donors, is able to quickly help meet the needs of individuals and families in crisis.  For information on assistance call 321-501-3999.

Please help us continue this work by donating today.  Your donation will stay in the community and help local individuals and families.  We appreciate your continued support!