Senior Program

Senior’s Assistance and Resource Program

Did you know that over 20% of those living on Merritt Island are 65 or older and another 15% are older than age 50?  Approximately 12% of those over age 65 live alone. 31% of all households on the Island have a family member over 65.  We know about LOCAL  programs to help these individuals and families.

I Love My Island, Inc. offers help identifyng and accessing resources available on Merritt Island through our free Senior’s Assistance and Resource Program.

For You

If you are the “senior” do you need help getting to the grocery store to do your shopping?  Would it be helpful to join a grief support group?   Would you feel better if you had a safety alert system?  Do you need help doing  heavier household tasks but don’t know who to call?  Looking for a place where you could have a hot lunch and great company for less than $5.00?  Need help getting to your doctor’s office? Are you considering a move to a place where you have someone to help you every day?   We can help.

We can help you find LOCAL resources. More than a list,  we have met with the services and providers and have a good understanding of what is available, the associated cost and any eligibility requirements.  We are NOT going to try to sell you anything!  A  visit to our offices or in the privacy of your home will provide information and assistance so that you can get the things you want and need.

For Family Members

Do your parents need a safe place to socialize and have lunch at low cost? Do you need someone to check on your Mom to make sure everything is O.K. or take her to the grocery store every week?  Did someone give you a long list of possible resources but you don’t know the eligibility requirements or how to access these services?  We can help.

Are you struggling with the question of whether a parent can continue to live at home safely?    Have you looked at places but don’t know how to choose?  We have tools and support that can help you navigate this process and compare settings so you have the information to help you make these important decisions.

To provide more than a list, we have developed an extensive library of Merritt Island resources and will help you in the process of identifying resources, determining eligibility and finding out how to access services without having to make multiple phone calls, do extensive research and wait for a call back that may never come.  We can help reduce the stress of this often time consuming process by providing valuable information regarding local services.

If you do not live on the Island this service can be especially valuable. You have probably spent hours on the computer trying to find out what’s available, making telephone calls and then waiting for someone to call your back – all the time hoping you have called the right person or agency.   We have visited each resource and have a personal interest in ensuring needs are met and that you have the most up-to-date accurate information.  We provide a helpful bridge between you and the resource and make this journey less stressful, time-consuming and uncertain.  These factors help your family member receive needed services more quickly and we are available for follow-up should concerns arise.

We DO NOT try to sell you anything or provide referrals to anyone that will; our goal is to help identify and access local services that will be helpful to your family member.

Our Senior’s Assistance and Resource Program is open to all.   Please call us at 321-501-3999 or 321-473-3355 to schedule an appointment or for more information.

Coffee with Seniors – Be Our Guest

Our “Coffee with Seniors – Be Our Guest” brings seniors who live in nursing homes, assisted living centers or other group situations into our store (My Island Thrift) to socialize and shop.  A gift certificate will be provided and each participant will be matched with a volunteer to help them shop. Refreshments will be provided.  

Many of our seniors are isolated and loneliness is an almost daily emotion.  We hope to help decrease these feelings through these visits and help seniors make a new connection with a volunteer.  We look forward to expanding this program and holding special events for seniors in the near future.

If you would like to volunteer for this activity please call.  No age restrictions – we would love to have some youth and teens involved!