Youth Activity Sponsorships

As residents of Merritt Island, we have a special interest in the welfare of our children.

There are children on our Island who need help with everyday items.  A pair of shoes, clothing appropriate for school, eyeglasses.  Although their parent may be hard working there is not always enough left over for what most of us consider basic.   Not having these seemingly small items can greatly impact self-esteem and the way others view a child.    If you know a child who needs help please let us know.  You may use the CONTACT form on the menu bar, call us at 321-501-3999 or send an e-mail to

We also believe that youth activities – from the arts to sports – have an important place in the life of a child.

Examples of sponsorship recipients include the Merritt Island High School Girl’s Volleyball club, the R. L. Stevenson Elementary School “Odyssey of the Mind” team, summer camp scholarships, books for 3rd graders at MILA Elementary and contributions to Project Graduation and Friends of Brevard Lacrosse.

If you know of a youth activity that we should consider for support please go to our “Contact” page, complete the application and return to us.

If you would like to donate to our youth program please go to the “Donate” button.  Your contribution will be greatly appreciated and used to support  our Island youth.