In 1990, the United National marked October 1st as the International Day of the Older Person.  This day is set aside to note the contributions of older people – in the past and today!

How can you recognize an older person in your life??

  • Have a meal with an older person, especially if that person often eats alone.  40% of persons over 65 live alone, 20% of those 85 and above.  Having a meal with others is an important way to help alleviate the isolation many older people experience.
  • Recognize the contribution of an older person.  A telephone call or note thanking them for their contribution to your life is always welcome.
  • Share in the history of an older person.  Solicit stories about their life, work, hobbies, you will probably learn a lot!

Many of my most important life lessons were learned from a “senior” in my life.  How to make pierogis, why being kind is important, how to grow tomatoes.  My memories are full of words of wisdom from older family members, patients, people I met at work.  Don’t miss an opportunity to enjoy the company of an older member of your family or community today.