Youth Activity and Sponsorships

Youth Activity Sponsorships

As residents of Merritt Island, we have a special interest in the welfare of our community’s children. I Love My Island, Inc. believes participation in youth activities is an important part of childhood and, as such, sponsors a variety of programs ranging from academics to athletics.

Some examples of past sponsored activities include the Merritt Island High School Girls Volleyball club, the R. L. Stevenson Elementary School “Odyssey of the Mind” team, the “Back the Blue” event, summer camp scholarships, books for 3rd graders at MILA Elementary, and contributions to Project Graduation as well as Friends of Brevard Lacrosse.

If you know of a youth activity that could use our support, please complete the required application.


Youth Sponsorships

On top of youth activities, we recognize that not all families have the financial capabilities to provide their children with everyday necessities such as new shoes, eyeglasses, or appropriate school clothing.

Please contact us if you know of a child in need of help.


Bag Pack Program

Over 120 elementary-aged children on the island have been identified as “food insecure” by teachers and school personnel. This means there is inconsistent access to enough food for a child to have a healthy and active life. The negative effects of hunger can lead to an inability to concentrate, an increase in illness, or a lack of a social foundation. Free or reduced-cost school programs only meet part of the need as weekends and holidays leave these children without food.

To help this problem, I Love My Island, Inc. partners with The Sharing Center to support the Bag Pack program at Merritt Island elementary schools. The cost to provide food for one student per year is low and can be covered by a donation of $360, which is just $10 a week.

Are you able to help feed a child for a week, a month, or a year? By donating today, you can help secure a “Bag Pack” for a young child on the island.