Our wonderful donors are making sure that our Holiday Programs are a success!  What’s happening …


Toys have been donated for our Island Children Toy Drive both at our store and at the Moose Lodge.   That gathering will take place on the 19th at the Woody Simpson Recreation Center.  Although the party will be different we will still be celebrating with children in the area thanks to YOU!  These children truly appreciate each and every gift they receive and we thank you for your generosity.


This program has been a fantastic success!  We received enough cards for all of our home-bound seniors and for our local nursing homes.  You have written notes of love and kindness and every card is a treasure.  Thank you so much!  We will be accepting cards until the 19th.


Wow!  This program has touched the hearts of many of our donors and will now TOUCH THE LIVES OF OVER 120 OF OUR HOME BOUND SENIOR ISLANDERS!

You have donated at our tree in the store, by dropping off donations at our partners’ sites (Triangle Auto, Serendipity Salon, Lucky Devil Barber and the Moose Lodge) and you have made cash donations which allowed us to add to our original list.  Blankets, slippers, socks, clocks, nitelights, cookies and candy and more.  One of our lovely donors made an individual decoration for 40+ of the gift baskets (Thank you Bonnie!).

This work has brought to light the good hearts of so many of our donors.  Although I have not been able to meet all of you who have donated, I feel blessed to live in a community who values our older Islanders and cares enough to give to this project.  Originally, we were worried about adopting 80 to 100 seniors, now we have been able to expand this to more home bound seniors and it is ONLY BECAUSE OF YOUR SUPPORT AND GENEROSITY!

Thank you to the MOOSE LODGE who hand made blankets to this project.  Tina Herman and The LEADS GROUP also deserve a special thank you.  Also to ST. LUKE’S EPISCOPAL CHURCH, AL AND GERI AND JEAN AND GEORGE.  To all of you whose name I don’t know please know that I thank you and appreciate you.

We will continue to take donations for this project through the 12th.

Love and Peace,